The BMG Consulting brings together top tier talent, found at the intersection of geography, industry knowledge and substantive expertise. Our Company is ready to assist any investor interested in any field and industry in Georgia. We do share commitment to your goals to help in navigation into the world of investments, we pay special attention to understanding your economic and business background to fully explore the financial and legal possibilities of your desired objectives.

BMG Consulting is aimed at facilitating various field of services to our Clients, intending to pursue business in Georgia. We do market research and identify investment opportunities appealing to potential investors, transforming a good opportunity into profitable projects and offer them to the investors. Once we identify an interesting project or investment opportunity and provided that investors also demonstrate their interest, we pursue:

  •    Financial Due Diligence – in order to financially evaluate the deal, thus access potential IRR of investment and profits to be produced.


  •   Legal Due Diligence – in order to legally evaluate the deal and check any and all applicable legal documents related to investment.


After the above-mentioned process, we identify any risks that are connected to pursuing the investment in order to further use precautionary measures before closing the deal to mitigate the risks. However, such measures, which would facilitate protection of investment, is only drafted after completion full scale due diligence process and differs based on specific type of business and its nature.
On the other hand, we assist the investors in pursuing their own projects with full range of service required for managing the investments. The services include incorporation of company, drafting business plans and consulting on investment opportunities in Georgia. Through providing these type of services, we give start-ups and investors unique opportunity to limit their expenses and receive service from the professionals.