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Investment opportunities in georgia

Georgia’s natural advantage as a gateway between Europe and Asia provides many benefits to investors in the manufacturing sector. In particular, Georgia offers competitive labor and energy costs, low taxes, and a corruption-free environment for serving the region, as well as numerous preferential/free trade agreements.

Opening Business in Georgia

According to the article of Law on Entrepreneurs “A legitimate and repeated activity carried out independently and in organized manned to gain profit” is an entrepreneurial activity the registration of which is a mandatory within the state boarders of Georgia.

Obtaining Residency in Georgia

General conditions for issuing a residence permit is stipulated under the Law of Georgia “on the Legal Status of Aliens and Stateless Persons”. According to the foregoing law, residence permit represents one of the grounds for a foreigner to enter and legally stay in Georgia

Obtaining Georgian Citizenship

Pursuant to effective Georgian legislation, there are various grounds for obtaining Georgian citizenship. Thus, Georgian citizenship can be acquired by naturalization. The decision to grant Georgian citizenship to an individual is taken by the President of Georgia, however the application has to be submitted before the Public Service Development Agency.