Accounting & Audit


Each business needs reliable information and accurate accounting. Accounting information requirements are varying depending on the size and complexity of the company, but in all cases reliable information is the basic prerequisite for assurance in the value of the company for the investor and the public as well as for the company itself. Consequently, BMG Consulting provides comprehensive expertise by monthly or quarterly financial statements and internal or/and external account reports.

However, our team believes that numbers without meaning are useless. Our investment to develop a disciplined, standardized methodology to drive audit quality and objectively is substantial. All businesses are exposed to a range of risks at some stage of their development for this purpose BMG Consulting provides audit and a range of other assurance services designed to identify, manage and adapt the risks. We deliver to organizations of all sizes in a wide variety of industries independent audit services in form of audit opinions according to regulatory requirements.

Obviously, accounting & audit plays a key role in ensuring a company’s accounts are accurate and finances are being distributed in the fairest or most efficient manner, that’s why BMG Consulting can handle the daily financial transactions of your company, as well as the review of the accounting books. This includes very diverse functions ranging from the incoming earnings to the outgoing payments.

Our audit teams will visit you to understand how your business operates, the risks it faces and how to work with you to complete an effective and high quality audit. We will talk to management about their observations during the audit to help the business improve.