Legal Service


In current business environment creation of individually-tailored legal solutions and customized structures serving the best economic and legal interests of the clients is indispensable for all enterprises.

Our team of lawyers are oriented to provide an outstanding quality legal opinions and due diligence regarding civil, administrative and commercial matters. Our team’s main asset is to be the law firm of choice for clients with respect to their most significant business transactions, their most challenging legal issues, and the most critical disputes they face.

Our team executes the highest degree of professionalism and diversified experience in following fields:


  • Corporate law – Our corporate law services cover a wide range of areas, including entity formation and reorganization, preparation of commercial documents, partnership agreements, shareholder-partner disputes and etc. Beginning from the simplest legal issues ending in the most comprehensive and complex legal challenges, we are seizing the opportunities of our times;


  • Mergers & Acquisitions – If you are considering buying another company or business, selling some or all of your own business, effecting a group-wide buy and build strategy, fulfilling your exit strategy by taking your business through a management buyout, public offering or trade sale our team is able to provide good assistance to some or all of the transactions, working within your time frame and budget constraints. you in preparing and submitting bids, draft confidentiality agreements and draft sale and purchase agreements, amongst other key tasks;


  • Immigration Law – Whether you are going to invest in or planning on moving to Georgia we are at your disposal to prepare and take care of your citizenship and residency issues in a timely manner and in a way that works best for you.


  • Labor Law – In times of intensified discussions and changing environment on labor rights around the world, everyone needs an adviser to navigate local context, regulations, and legal precedents. In maintaining compliance with labor law, drafting employment policies, negotiating and enforcing agreements, establishing right employing standards our team provides deep knowledge and expertise gained through diversified experience.


  • Intellectual Property Law – protection of your ideas, designs, products and brand identities is vital for business development. Our team will handle the issues concerning copyrights, patents, trademarks, IP litigations and etc.


  • Tax Law – We assume that venture cannot be implemented unless accurate and in-depth understanding of taxation elements is involved. Our team will help in solving issues related to taxation. Together with our lawyers, you can use the help of our partner financial consulting team.


  • Dispute resolution – Our team’s expertize gained through varied experience in dispute resolution is remarkable. We put additional strength and effort for not only achieving your interest and winning cases, but also, providing positions which will enable clients to have precedent decisions from the courts, by using national and international case law applicable for each case. We are offering a full spectrum of dispute resolution and litigation mechanisms including alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation or arbitration, representation in courts of all instances, before government agencies and in private legal matters.


Our team strives to earn and maintain the public’s trust by constantly adhering to the highest ethical standards while working for local and international clients, multinational companies, international organizations, financial institutions and foreign Embassies. We value loyalty of our long-standing clients. Indeed, our experience on the local market and the ability to adapt to the particular needs of our clients, are the irreplaceable qualities. We ask our colleagues to ensure that their decisions pass three tests: they are in our clients’ interests, create economic value, and are always systemically responsible. By completing these stages well, we make a positive financial and social impact on community.