Investment Management


BMG Consulting specializes in investment management covering variety of industries and fields by offering package of services, including planning, design and operations/maintenance for pursuing any business in Georgia. Our team’s practical and effective methodology encompasses all stages of supervision, management and control over, providing an integrated structure according to which a project is taken from the early planning stage to successful completion. BMG Consulting will analyze your current financial status and help you to set reasonable, achievable financial goals. Our company will also make investment recommendations for you, provide specific financial strategies and goals based on an individual’s needs and preferences, give objective advice and help weigh the financial consequences of life decisions.

We further pursue management of specific investment projects. Our Project management is accountable for the success or failure of your project. Responsibilities of our project management includes:
1. Planning, Executing, and Closing Projects – we will define the project, plan what work needs to be done by building a comprehensive work plan, figure out who’s going to do the work and when, manage the budget and look at any risks that may be involved and try to avoid or manage them ahead of time;
2. Managing Teams – we will make sure all work being done is to the right standard, make sure that the project is running on time, remove any obstacles that get in the way of productivity, deal with any changes that come along and be willing to adapt if necessary, manage all teams involved and maintain a constant level of commitment;
3. Managing Expectations – we will align projects to business goals, manage and deliver expectations to stakeholders, communicate project status to stakeholders and resolve unexpected difficulties effectively, make sure the project delivers all expected outcomes and whatever benefits were initially outlined.